Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 English Subbed


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  • neha

    what? Zamasu and Black are not the same person? Oh, this just got trickier!

    • Eden

      The chances of those Goten theories being true have just gone up lol. Why was Black calling them human?

      • neha

        oh my’ why didn’t it occur to me before. Goten looks exactly like Goku. Assuming Goten is Black, have you noticed Black calling Trunks Saiyan, but it does not mean he is not Saiyan. In this case, Goten is MSSJ, yes that could possibly be an answer for him to power up like Goku does. But yes, why would he call them human? Brainwashed? Also, have you noticed, in Trunks timeline, there’s no mention to Goten’s existence, even Bulma did not let Goten go because he has to study and at 14, when Trunks came, Goten wasn’t born. OMg, Black is Goten, Goten is Black. OMG, No No. This can not be 🙁

        • Dhanush G

          So. Goten and Goku have the same voices? I don’t think it’s goten.
          Its mostly likely that Black is Goku’s alternate in the other universe.

      • neha

        Another reason that I think Black is Goten is the way they dress. The only person I’ve ever seen where long sleeves is Goten. I could be wrong but kid Goten is always wearing long sleeves.

  • Craze

    I’m betting Black Goku came from an alternate universe where he was evil. Zamasu finds him and they join together. Simple as that. This Black Goku has skills and movements similar to Goku. This may lead to an opener for more universes to be introduced.